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Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo in Los Angeles

Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo in Los Angeles on March 27 31 2019
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Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 7:30pm to Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 5:00pm
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3900 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305

The clown Mauro has passed, but his spirit is still with us. Instead of mourning, the funeral cortege celebrates the here and hereafter with laughter and exuberance. Rich, extravagant memories frolic with the senses. The sound of laughter peals around the stage, visions of joyous tumblers and players fascinate the eyes. Regret and melancholy retreat in the face of a cavalcade of lively recollections of a life gloriously lived. A festive parade that entertains; the perfect accolade for an artist whose life was dedicated to revelry and making merry.

Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, founder of the Swiss clown troupe Teatro Sunil and director of several shows by Cirque Éloize


Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company. It is the largest theatrical producer in the world. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and located in the inner-city area of Saint-Michel, it was founded in Baie-Saint-Paul on 7 July 1984, by two former street performers, Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-CroixWikipedia