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Astana Ballet presents Masterpieces in San Francisco

November 19, 2019 - 7:30pm at Herbst Theatre - Buy Tickets

Address: 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102

“It is a pièce de résistance, a stunning work, stunningly performed that could grace any international stage with ease.”

For the first time, Astana Ballet, the theater group that conquered European stages will be on the West Coast, featuring a world-class and diverse repertoire, set on a technically riveting stage.


Astana Ballet forms its famous signature ballet style by combining classical ballet and modern dance trends. This synthesis of classics, avant-garde, and national tradition allows Kazakh dance and works to be presented on the world stage while satisfying its rich diversity and cultural heritage.

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The Company will present three masterpieces during their West Coast tour

The Heritage of the Great Steppe

Astana Ballet has taken this complex concert piece into its own, performing both in its motherland internationally. Steeped in the beauty of Kazakh folk dance, the Heritage of the Great Steppe is a deeply melodious and elegant philosophical observation.

This concert program has become a kind of visit card of the theater at home and abroad. The beauty and tenderness of female dance in the performances do captivate and delight.

The unique plastic design, conciseness and at the same time the melodiousness of the poses are the attractive force and the pearls of the Kazakh folk dance.

Watch a short clip from The Heritage of the Great Steppe

A Fuego Lento by Ricardo Amarante

The ballet is about how a person discovers the first feelings of love and desire. Feeling of growing heat and emotional intensity - all this slowly burns from within. A Fuego Lento is a passion in every scene, dressed in the tempting rhythms of sensual tango.

A Fuego Lento explores those first feelings of anxiety and emotion born from the discovery of love. It is rooted in seduction, and in strong tango rhythms, presenting passion in each step.

A Fuego Lento celebrates the neoclassical choreography of Ricardo Amarante. A native of New York, he is an adherent of visual graphic style on the verge of dance and design.

Watch a short clip from A Fuego Lento

Love Fear Loss (by Ricardo Amarante)

The ballet is inspired by the extraordinary life and delightful music of the French singer Edith Piaf. Each duet gives rise to feelings of tremulous love, then the fear of indifference and, finally, the tragedy of loss. Her music was a complete reflection of her fate. Song “the Hymn of Love” tells of the feelings that she, like everyone else, experiences at the beginning of the nascent relationship.

Over time, most of her songs reveal the difficulties in relationships. An example of this was a fascinating interpretation of Do not abandon me. And one of the strongest feelings that any of us can experience with the loss of a loved one is expressed in the song My God.

Born after the sudden death of the singer’s beloved, the song, like a mirror of her soul, reflects the depth of the tragedy that befell this great love story.

Watch a short clip from Love Fear Loss

World's press rave about Astana Ballet

Heritage of the Great Steppe, a parade of “choreographic miniatures” showcasing regional specialties. The Kazakh folk dances shine, bringing creaturely port de bras and delicate calligraphy of hand gestures.
The artists in a good fit: they are plastic, artistic and musical. London has seen thousands of different ballet companies, but I’ll tell you for sure: this group pleasantly impressed all the audience. National costumes and music are simply magnificent.
First visit to the UK by Astana Ballet, the young dance troupe from Kazakhstan. It was a curious mix of ballets that they chose to present, but by the end of an enjoyable evening. The charm and commitment of the dancers proved a winner.

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When: Tuesday, Nov 19 - 7:30pm

Where: Herbst Theatre

Address: 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102